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openoffice An Introduction to GNU Privacy Guard
pdf An Introduction to GNU Privacy Guard
An article targeting users new to GnuPG on GNU/Linux (and UNIX) systems, and how it can play an important role in their personal and business lives in inceasing the security and communication of digital medium. The article is available online here
gzip A Presentation on GnuPG
A presentation based on the above article and created to introduce members of the North Texas Linux User's Group to GnuPG. The gzipped file contains the presentation in both OpenOffice and Sun StarOffice Impress formats, and includes extensive notes. Feel free to use it at one of your own LUG meetings if you wish! HTML copies of the slides can be viewed online here (though they don't include notes).
openoffice Get Your Default KDE and GNOME Menus in Line
pdf Get Your Default KDE and GNOME Menus in Line
An article targeting sysadmins needing to configure default KDE and GNOME menus for new users. (NOTE: Outdated... written for GNOME 1.4 and KDE 2.1). The article is available online here.
openoffice Get Your Default KDE and GNOME Desktops in Line
pdf Get Your Default KDE and GNOME Desktops in Line
An article targeting sysadmins needing to configure default KDE and GNOME desktops for new users. (NOTE: Outdated... written for GNOME 1.4 and KDE 2.1). The article is available online here.
openoffice A Simple 'yes' Will Do
pdf A Simple 'yes' Will Do
A short article describing how the GNU/Linux (and UNIX) 'yes' command operates, and how it can be used in conjuction with interactive commands to simplify shell scripts and cron jobs. The article is available online here.
gzip Random Signature Generator
randsig.sh - A tiny shell script that uses the 'fortune' program found on most Linux/UNIX systems to generate a random tag-line and combine it with an existing email signature file each time it's run. Use it with MUAs that allow piping (Mutt, emacs, etc.) or those that can utilize scripts or programs for generating your signature file (KMail, etc.).
openoffice Linux QuickRef
pdf Linux QuickRef
A Quick Reference for GNU/Linux released under GNU FDL and covering several areas of administration and use in over twenty sections, including a handy list of Linux-related links. This document, recently updated to version 2.0 and standing at eight pages, is continually expanded so be sure to check back often!
pdf RAID Levels
A diagram of the hard disk RAID levels and how they operate in providing failsafe storage needs for your data.
openoffice IP Address Classes
pdf IP Address Classes
Table of the default IP Address Classes as assigned for networks.
openoffice Subnetting Tables
pdf Subnetting Tables
Table of IP Address Subnets. When you're subnetting your assigned IP address to break up a network into smaller subnets, this reference might come in handy.
pdf OSI Model Layers
A descriptive diagram of the OSI Model Layers with various protocols and hardware used at each layer listed. A good study aid.
openoffice OSI Model Quick Reference
pdf OSI Model Quick Reference
A Quick Reference to the OSI Model. Not as detailed as the one above, but includes a lot of the same information.
openoffice TCP/IP & OSI Model
pdf TCP/IP & OSI Model
Many of the TCP/IP suite of protocols, and at which layers of the OSI Model they operate in.
openoffice Ethernet Frame Types
pdf Ethernet Frame Types
A Quick Reference to the Ethernet frame types; handy when inspecting packets and troubleshooting network problems.
openoffice Important RFCs
pdf Important RFCs
A listing of the more important RFCs (Request For Comments) as they apply to networking and the Internet.
openoffice IRQ Assignments
pdf IRQ Assignments
A table of PC IRQ assignments; useful when troubleshooting PC hardware conflicts if you don't have them already memorized.
openoffice I/O Memory Addresses
pdf I/O Memory Addresses
A table of PC I/O memory addresses, also handy when diagnosing PC hardware problems.
openoffice RJ-45 Cabling
pdf RJ-45 Cabling
A diagram of various RJ-45 cabling pinouts. Includes straight-through and crossover cable wiring.
pdf Category 5/5e Cabling
Another diagram describing the TIA/EIA-568-A Wiring Standard for Category 3-5/5e UTP cabling.
openoffice Serial & Parallel Loopback Plugs
pdf Serial & Parallel Loopback Plugs
Information on various RS-232 serial and parallel loopback plug configurations used by many PC diagnostic programs (IBM, Norton, PC Doctor, CheckIt, etc.). Useful for constructing your own.
openoffice RS-232 Pinouts
pdf RS-232 Pinouts
A diagram of RS-232 serial port pinouts. Includes both 9-pin and 25-pin DB connectors.
openoffice Parallel Ports
pdf Parallel Ports
A diagram of parallel port pinouts and port addresses. Includes example code (in C) for controlling the standard PC parallel port.
pdf Power Supply Pinouts
A diagram of various PC power supply pinouts.

The documents provided are in OpenOffice Writer, OpenOffice Impress and Portable Document Format (PDF) formats. You may need to have OpenOffice, Xpdf or other PDF viewer installed to view the files. No warranties are expressed or implied, and the user/reader assumes all risk.





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